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SubjectRe: Fwd: Fwd: laptop / computer hardlocks during execution of 32bit applications(binaries) on 64bit system (Gentoo)
Matthew wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> sorry for the long delay
> - I first had to get home & set up my rig to reproduce this hardlock
> (repeatedly hardlocking / shutting down the laptop doesn't do too good
> to the new hdd ;) )
> and fortunately I was successful :)
> sorry for the bad quality of the pics (they were taken with my phone):
> steps to reproduce:
> 1.) log on
> 2.) startx
> 3.) opening some pure 64bit apps == working, no locks
> 4.) opening 32bit-apps (such as firefox-bin, thunderbird-bin) == hard
> lock, only pulling power cord (on laptop) or reset button (rig) works,
> magic sysrq key doesn't (keyboard & mouse == dead)
> I'm currently writing from my "rescue system" (winxp ;) )
> so if you need my kernel-config or some more info of the system please tell

I have been unable to reproduce your problem here, and I notice you have
the proprietary, highly invasive and closed-source Nvidia driver
installed in your kernel.

Can you try using the "nv" or "vesa" (unaccelerated) Xorg drivers and
reproduce the problem that way?

If you *do* reproduce the problem that way, it would be extremely
helpful if you could enable CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO and provide the vmlinux
(not vmlinuz/bzImage) file that goes with the crash dump screenshot.



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