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SubjectRe: [PATCH 10/28] FS-Cache: Recruit a couple of page flags for cache management [try #2]
Nick Piggin <> wrote:

> > Nick Piggin <> wrote:
> > > No. I mean call the bit PG_private2. That way non-pagecache and
> > > filesystems that don't use fscache can use it.
> >
> > The bit is called PG_owner_priv_2, and then 'subclassed' to PG_fscache,
> > much like PG_owner_priv_1 is 'subclassed' to PG_checked as was recommended.
> It is not owner_priv if you're putting checks and tests into core
> kernel pagecache code for it. owner_priv means a filesystem has it
> _all_ to itself.

Okay, I'll change it if it makes you happy. Bear in mind, though, you're
dictating instructions that conflict with those other people have dictated.


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