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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Kprobes: Add kprobes smoke tests that run on boot
> I have no problem with that, but if we want to make it buildable as a
> module, the call to get_kprobe() needs to be replaced with some other
> gcc-inline-defeating mechanism, or we need to export get_probe(). I

It's still unclear where noinline does not work (do you have details on that?
It sounds a little dubious) but there are lots of different other ways to prevent gcc
from inlining anything.

e.g. you can use stdarg or computed goto or a variable length local array

> much prefer the former, since get_kprobe() is a kprobes-internal
> function.
> Anybody know an architecture-independent way (other than noinline, which
> doesn't always work) of making gcc decide not to inline a function?


> E.g., does taking (and using) the function's address do it?

No, that just creates another out of line copy.


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