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SubjectRe: Strange freeze on 2.6.22 (deadlock?)
On 01/07/2008 02:06 PM, Brice Figureau wrote:

> Thanks for the answer.
> I'm using whatever is the default mount option (which I think is
> data=ordered). The only other mount option I use is nodiratime,noatime.
> Note that a large part of the processes in D state are "waiting" in
> __mutex_lock from generic_file_aio_write.
> Another large part is coming from balance_dirty_pages_ratelimited_nr.
> It seems that there was some writeback congestion to the block device.
> All the /proc/sys/vm/* files are at their defaults.
> This looks like if it wasn't possible to write to the block device anymore.
> Could a block device write error (ie hardware failure) be the root cause?
> Any other idea?
> What should I try the next time it freezes?

Same bug as ??

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