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SubjectRe: [PATCH] call sysrq_timer_list_show from a workqueue

* Rusty Russell <> wrote:

> On Wednesday 09 January 2008 02:51:19 Ingo Molnar wrote:
> > cool :-)
> >
> > finally we have a _really_ sane symbols subsystem. Kudos :)
> Actually, the interface is horribly scattered. It'd be nice for
> someone to go through and look at what the minimum we actually need is
> and come up with a system to organize them.
> BTW, do you want this fix in 2.6.24?

hm, i'm not sure it should go into v2.6.24 without first being exposed
in v2.6.25 for some time - symbol lookup has been historically a bit
fragile (hopefully this will change now) , and the worst thing that can
happen during a crash printout is for the debug code to regress. No
strong feelings though.


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