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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Deprecate --file
> What I was saying in my first email was we can throttle "patches"
> arbitrarily (I think Andrew/Linus even have a merge period for these
> types of patches) .. So that's not the issue .. I feel style clean ups
> are fundamentally good.. So what we don't want to do is discourage the
> creation of good patches, which is what I think Andi is doing..

The way I read this:
+WARNING: Using --file mode. Please do not send patches to linux-kernel
+that change whole existing files if you did not significantly change most
+of the the file for other reasons anyways or just wrote the file newly
+from scratch. Pure code style patches have a significant cost in a
+quickly changing code base like Linux because they cause rejects
+with other changes.
does not discourage the creation of good patches.

But is discourage the creation of pure clean-up patches because it
may have a disturbing effect on several other peoples work.


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