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SubjectRe: [linux-kernel] Re: [PATCH] x86: provide a DMI based port 0x80 I/O delay override.
On Tue, 8 Jan 2008, Ondrej Zary wrote:
> On Tuesday 08 January 2008 18:24:02 David P. Reed wrote:

> > Windows these days does delays with timing loops or the scheduler. It
> > doesn't use a "port". Also, Windows XP only supports machines that tend
> > not to have timing problems that use delays. Instead, if a device takes
> > a while to respond, it has a "busy bit" in some port or memory slot that
> > can be tested.
> Windows XP can run on a machine with ISA slot(s) and has built-in drivers for
> some plug&play ISA cards - e.g. the famous 3Com EtherLink III. I think that
> there's a driver for NE2000-compatible cards too and it probably works.

The NE2K-driver went missing in W2K. BTDT.
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