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Subjecthanging in fsync for 3+ seconds
Hi all,

I noticed that all of a sudden my disk writes using VIM/EMACS are taking
3+ seconds for even just a single byte. So, I've used strace to narrow
it down to fsync.

The following log is an fsync opening up a new file 'test' inserting a
't' and writing and quitting in vim:

If you do a search for the only fsync, you will see it takes more than 3
15171 0.000094 fsync(6) = 0 <3.386504>

What can I do to determine why the fsync is taking so long? I am not
getting any disk error messages in system logs.

Info about my system:
Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon desktop machine, updated as of last night
Linux 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP i686 GNU/Linux, running reiserFS.


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