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SubjectRe: The ext3 way of journalling
Tuomo Valkonen <> writes:

> The ext3 journalling code can be summarised as:
> superblock->last_checked = random();
> sync(superblock)
> I hate it: every time Linux crashes, e.g. due to power failure, it takes
> almost an hour to boot,

tune2fs -i0 -c0 device for each file system

Yes that should be default, unfortunately it is not. It's one
of the first things I do on new machines.

> Thank you very much. The disk worked perfectly well without that "fix"

fsck is actually seek bound, most likely it won't make much difference
for fsck. Seeky disk IO is always slow on a spinning disk.

There's actually been a patchkit recently to make fsck much faster
by clustering metadata better so it can be reached with less seeks,
but that hasn't reached mainline yet and and will unfortunately
require freshly created file systems.


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