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Subject[GIT PATCH] Update to Chinese documents
Please pull from the doc branch at:

git:// doc

to receive the following updates to in-tree Chinese documents
and to add newly translated guideline documents.

I'm not posting the actual patches here, as they are only strange
characters to most of the subscribers here. They have been reviewed
thoroughly in mail list, which is a
local Linux kernel development mail list with hundreds of active
Chinese Linux developers and enthusiasts. If you are interested
in the content of these patches, please visit gitweb at:;a=shortlog;h=doc

Bryan Wu (1):
Chinese: add translation of volatile-considered-harmful.txt

Dave Young (1):
Chinese: add translation of oops-tracing.txt

Li Yang (5):
Chinese: Add the known_regression URI to the HOWTO
Chinese: rephrase English introduction in HOWTO
Chinese: Change man-pages maintainer address in HOWOTO
Chinese: add translation of SubmittingDrivers
Chinese: add translation of sparse.txt

TripleX Chung (2):
Chinese: add translation of SubmittingPatches
Chinese: add translation of stable_kernel_rules.txt

Zhang Le (1):
Chinese: add translation of Codingstyle

Documentation/zh_CN/CodingStyle | 701 ++++++++++++++++++++
Documentation/zh_CN/HOWTO | 10 +-
Documentation/zh_CN/SubmittingDrivers | 168 +++++
Documentation/zh_CN/SubmittingPatches | 416 ++++++++++++
Documentation/zh_CN/oops-tracing.txt | 212 ++++++
Documentation/zh_CN/sparse.txt | 100 +++
Documentation/zh_CN/stable_kernel_rules.txt | 66 ++
.../zh_CN/volatile-considered-harmful.txt | 113 ++++
8 files changed, 1782 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

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