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Subject[RFC/PARTIAL PATCH 0/3] dma: passing "attributes" to dma_map_* routines

The following patchset allows additional "attributes" to be
passed to dma_map_*/dma_unmap_* implementations. (The reason
why this is useful/necessary has been mentioned several times,
most recently here:

This is incomplete in that only ia64 and x86_64 are supported -
the purpose is mainly to give us something specific to discuss.

The approach here is to change the dma_map_* interface so
that the last argument is an u32 which encodes the direction
of the dma and, optionally, other attributes. Changing the
interface is a bit intrusive, but callers of dma_map_* don't
need to be modified.

There are 3 patches:

[1/3] dma: create linux/dma-direction.h
[2/3] dma: ia64/sn2 allow "attributes" to be used by dma_map_*
[2/3] dma: x86_64 allow "attributes" to be used by dma_map_*


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