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    SubjectRe: + restore-missing-sysfs-max_cstate-attr.patch added to -mm tree
    On Monday 07 January 2008 16:33, Mark Lord wrote:
    > Len Brown wrote:
    > > 1. Why does VMware need max_cstate=1 to load quickly?
    > ..
    > Eh? Nothing to do with "loading" anything,
    > but rather it's simple responsiveness to guest keyboard
    > input that we're experiencing trouble with.
    > The guest OS is probably "broken" in that regard,
    > but setting max_cstate=1 makes it usable here.

    okay, then when vmware is loaded, but idle, please run powertop

    and report what you see for C-states, P-states
    and wakeup sources.

    > > 2. Why does the "max_csate=1" workaround help only
    > > on the dual-core boxes, while the single-core
    > > boxes still fail to load quickly?
    > ..
    > Eh? Setting max_cstate=1 helps on both single/dual core
    > boxes/kernels here. The alternative (newer) latency thing
    > (that requires a custom kernel module to change on the fly)
    > is the thing that had no effect at all on our single-core box,
    > but did seem to help the dual-core more (not verified completely
    > on dual-core though).

    please report the contents of
    cat /proc/acpi/processor/CPU*/power
    for both systems when the C-states are not limited.

    what latency limit did you specific to the latency I/F?


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