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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: provide a DMI based port 0x80 I/O delay override.
Christer Weinigel <> wrote:

> How do you find out the speed of the ISA bus? AFAIK there is no
> standardized way to do that. On the Geode SC2200 the ISA bus speed is
> usually the PCI clock divided by 4 giving 33MHz/4=8.3MHz or
> 30/4=7.5MHz, but with no external ISA devices it's possible to
> overclock the ISA bus to /3 to run it at 11MHz or so. But without
> poking at some CPU and southbridge specific registers to find out the
> PCI bus speed and the ISA bus divisor you can't really tell.

If you overclock, you are on your own. IIRC I've used 13,3 MHz for some time
and used a lower PIO mode to compensate.

> So if you do udelay based on a 6MHz clock (I think you can safely
> assume that any 386 based system runs the ISA bus at least that fast)
> you'll waste at least 30% and maybe even 100% more time for the delay
> after every _p call.

Defaulting to 8 MHz and offering an option to set another clock speed
(like idebus=) should be OK.

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