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    SubjectRe: Kbuild update
    On Sun, Jan 06, 2008 at 10:26:06PM +0800, WANG Cong wrote:
    > >> It sort of stopped at one point due to missing integration in mainline.
    > >> What I refer to is mostly the mconf.c bits, but I would also like to
    > >> see what lkml says to a sample of .po files included in the kernel
    > >> for a number of languages.
    > >>
    > >> One criteria to get a .po file integrated could be at least 10% of the
    > >> strings translated or similar.
    > Well, I think it's worthy. The translation effort will be valuable
    > and much helpful for non-English-speaking peoples.
    > >Besides the initial translation efforts a big problem would be to
    > >also find people who will regularly update the translations for
    > >many years.
    > Yes, that's really a problem. But I think the updates won't be
    > too frequent, only update for stable release is enough.

    "only" is the wrong word in this context.

    If someone would update the translations for one language every
    3 months for the next years that would be great and disprove my

    After all, updates every 3 months would beat the maintainance level of
    at least three of our architectures...

    And don't underestimate the amount of work required - even when talking
    about requiring "only" 10% of the help texts translated that's a four
    digit number of lines to translate.

    > If we can make this to be an offical project for Linux kernel, I
    > think it won't be a big problem.

    We don't even manage to maintain the English language texts properly,
    and I am therefore not overly optimistic that we'll have the
    translations maintained properly for many years.

    OTOH, if someone wouldn't just blindly translate the outdated English
    texts but also review the English texts when translating this alone
    might be worth it...

    > Regards.
    > Cong



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