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Subjectoldconfig/menuconfig help text display for "choice" items

when running oldconfig, I got to see some new IO delay questions,
and tried displaying its info using ?.

IO delay type
1. port 0x80 based port-IO delay [recommended] (IO_DELAY_0X80) (NEW)
> 2. port 0xed based port-IO delay (IO_DELAY_0XED) (NEW)
3. udelay based port-IO delay (IO_DELAY_UDELAY) (NEW)
4. no port-IO delay (IO_DELAY_NONE) (NEW)
choice[1-4]: ?

Sorry, no help available for this option yet.

The IO_DELAY_* "config" items have a help text, while the "choice"
item does not.
Are there any plans on 'fixing' oldconfig to somehow tell me something
about such new options?


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