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SubjectRe: forcedeth: MAC-address reversed on resume from suspend
> I don't know, this all looks a bit dirty to me, MAC reading/writing
> should have been implemented in a more central way, then those people
> wouldn't have confused heaven and hell with MAC address fiddling.
> And yeah, this certainly looks like a bug that should be fixed ASAP,
> unless my short analysis somehow happened to be wrong.
> (I could probably fix it, but then the forcedeth people
> most likely know better how they would like to see it implemented)
> Thank you for your report!
Thank you for looking into this, it's a major pain for me. If I knew how
to, I would have submitted a patch along with the report, if I had the
know-how. I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

> Now the only thing remaining would be: is there a specific way to
> contact forcedeth-related people? I didn't find anything within a short
> search.
> Andreas Mohr

Well, I did search the maintainers file, and did some googling, but
didn't find any contact info.

/ Richard

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