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Subject[PATCH 0/3] Merge mkimage tool
The following patches merge the mkimage tool into the kernel.  This
utility is used by several arches to create a uImage file suitable for
booting with U-Boot.

As it stands today, a script is called, which searches for
the mkimage utility installed on the host system. This is slightly
suboptimal as it prevents things like automated rebuilds of certain
platforms on those architectures.

This is currently based on the mkimage version found in U-Boot 1.3.1.
The tool is called mkubootimg in these patches, as mkimage is slightly
ambiguous outside of the U-Boot source tree.

Note: arch/powerpc the conversion in these patches as Paul's tree has
some changes that haven't hit Linus' tree yet. I'll fixup arch/powerpc
as soon as these patches get merged.


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