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Subject[patch 0/6] [RFC] MMU Notifiers V2
This is a patchset implementing MMU notifier callbacks based on Andrea's
earlier work. These are needed if Linux pages are referenced from something
else than tracked by the rmaps of the kernel.


- Feedback from uses of the callbacks for KVM, RDMA, XPmem and GRU

- RCU quiescent periods are required on registering and unregistering
notifiers to guarantee visibility to other processors.
Currently only mmu_notifier_release() does the correct thing.
It is up to the user to provide RCU quiescent periods for
register/unregister functions if they are called outside of the
->release method.

Andrea's mmu_notifier #4 -> RFC V1

- Merge subsystem rmap based with Linux rmap based approach
- Move Linux rmap based notifiers out of macro
- Try to account for what locks are held while the notifiers are
- Develop a patch sequence that separates out the different types of
hooks so that we can review their use.
- Avoid adding include to linux/mm_types.h
- Integrate RCU logic suggested by Peter.

- Improve RCU support
- Use mmap_sem for mmu_notifier register / unregister
- Drop invalidate_page from COW, mm/fremap.c and mm/rmap.c since we
already have invalidate_range() callbacks there.
- Clean compile for !MMU_NOTIFIER
- Isolate filemap_xip strangeness into its own diff
- Pass a the flag to invalidate_range to indicate if a spinlock
is held.
- Add invalidate_all()


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