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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00 of 11] x86: separate pmd lifetime from pgd
Ingo Molnar wrote:
> and after a session of bisection, the winner patch is:
> Subject: x86: unify PAE/non-PAE pgd_ctor
> which is a tad unexpected, given the relatively harmless nature of the
> patch. (but then again, nothing is really harmless in PAE land.)

Oh, well, good. At least off-the-cuff diagnosis was right. I must have
overlooked some detail in that merge.

> btw., this is not fair i think: your patch was apparently caught by the
> new debugging helper that tells about itself here:
>> [ 29.389872] debug: unmapping init memory c0b03000..c0b6f000
> note the close proximity of c0b6f000 and ebx = c0b6fc08. [ I regularly
> come up with such nasty tricks and debugging helpers like that to catch
> bad patches off-guard. You have been warned! ;-) ]

Hm, perhaps, but it could be as easily coincidence. The place there
initmem is freed is close to where it first needs to rely on a
non-initmm pagetable. I presume that message means that c0b6f000 was
*not* freed.


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