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SubjectRe: Troubles waking up from suspend (S3) - how to debug?
On Sunday, 27 of January 2008, Bruno Prémont wrote:
> I'm currently trying out suspend (S3) on a few machines but none of them wakes
> up completely/properly (I have a few more hosts I'm planning to try suspend
> on once I can get useful information out of those not waking up properly).
> Tested kernels: 2.6.24(-rc8), on one
> To suspend I enter the following from console:
> echo -n mem > /sys/power/state

Please try s2ram (

> Fujitsu-Siemens S7020 laptop (i915GM based):
> Works fine except backlight that remains asleep and Xorg vesa driver
> crashing Xorg.
> It looks like a suspend cycle discards the VideoBIOS shadow copy.
> Adjusting brightness using hotkeys or acpi-fujitsusiemens does not help
> waking up the backlight.
> At best backlight comes back when suspending from Xorg with
> xf86-video-intel-2.2.x but then mode is distorded. Any attempt to fix this
> using xrandr or switch to/from console puts backlight asleep.

This one is on the s2ram whitelist, should work.

> Acer Travelmate 660 laptop (i855GM based):
> Laptop suspends as expected but hangs while waking up.

This might work with "s2ram -f --vbe_post --vbe_save", please try.

> Desktop with MSI nforce based mainboard with Athlon CPU, onboard graphics

What kind?

> and hdd on HighPoint RR1640 PCI card (USB mouse & keyboard):
> Suspends as expected but hangs while waking up.
> During wakeup I can ping the computer but userspace does not respond (e.g.
> no answer when trying to connect via ssh)
> The display remains off if using vga text console, display comes back with
> garbadge when using nvidiafb (no Xorg running), USB is powered but triggers
> no reactions on keyboard/mouse input
> I tried using netconsole on the desktop computer to capture eventual printks
> during resume but I got not a line during wakup. (only suspend progress
> messages before actual suspend)
> What can I do to get more information out of those two last machines and find
> out why they don't wake-up properly?

Please apply the patches 01-11 from:
on top of 2.6.24, compile the kernel and install it. After booting, please do:

# echo core > /sys/power/pm_test
# echo mem > /sys/power/state

and see if the boxes survive it (this causes the suspend/resume sequence to
be executed without acutally suspending, but busy-waiting for 5 sec. instead).

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