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SubjectRe: [PATCH UPDATE] x86: ignore spurious faults
Matt Mackall wrote:
> There's perhaps an opportunity to do this lazy TLB trick in the mmap
> path as well, where RW mappings are initially mapped as RO so we can
> catch processes dirtying them and then switched to RW. If the mapping is
> shared across threads on multiple cores, we can defer synchronizing the
> TLBs on the others.

I think spurious usermode faults are already dealt with.
handle_pte_fault() does essentially the same thing as this patch:

if (ptep_set_access_flags(vma, address, pte, entry, write_access)) {
update_mmu_cache(vma, address, entry);
} else {
* This is needed only for protection faults but the arch code
* is not yet telling us if this is a protection fault or not.
* This still avoids useless tlb flushes for .text page faults
* with threads.
if (write_access)
flush_tlb_page(vma, address);


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