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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: fix?unconditional?arch/x86/kernel/pcspeaker.c?compiling
On Wed, Jan 23, 2008 at 11:30:11PM +0100, Michael Opdenacker wrote:
> On Friday 18 January 2008, Matt Mackall wrote:
> >
> > Probably makes sense to define it right next to INPUT_PCSPKR in
> > drivers/input/Kconfig.
> >
> > Then do the appropriate fix for all arches mentioned in INPUT_PCSPKR.
> >
> > For extra points, you can move the duplicate pcspeaker.c code out of all
> > those arches and stash it somewhere in drivers/input. Presumably it's
> > possible to get it to link into the kernel even when INPUT is modular.
> Here's the patch, after spending some time to get familiar with git.
> The patch is against git x86/mm, and it seems to work fine on x86. However,
> on x86, you no longer have /sys/devices/platform/pcspkr after
> running "make allnoconfig". To get it, you have to explicitely add support
> to CONFIG_INPUT_PCSPKR (m or y). I hope this is fine.
> I'm copying the MIPS maintainer as this patch touches his tree too.
> On MIPS, there should be no impact though, as CONFIG_PCSPEAKER is set in
> defconfig files.

The defconfig files do not set anything, they are just .config's you can
use as a start for configuring your kernel.



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