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SubjectRE: [PATCH 9/10] introduce intel_menlow platform specific driver

On Jan 21 2008 19:49, Thomas, Sujith wrote:
>>> +MODULE_AUTHOR("Thomas Sujith");
>>> +MODULE_AUTHOR("Zhang Rui");
>> I've never seen a driver with two MODULE_AUTHOR statements before.
>> Does this actually work? What does modinfo -F author say for your module?
>There is nothing wrong in giving 2 MODULE_AUTHORS. Both will be
>displayed in the command modinfo -F author.

Coding-wise, it is no problem. MODULE_* gets transformed into char
__mod_*line, so as long as you have the two MODULE_AUTHOR() macros on
different lines, it will work.

It is cool to actually see this working out-of-the-box with modinfo
too (even without the -F option). Could decouple a few AUTHOR lines.

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