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SubjectRe: konqueror deadlocks on 2.6.22

* Oliver Pinter (Pintér Olivér) <> wrote:

> and then please update to CFS-v24.1

> > Yes with CFSv20.4, as in the log.
> >
> > It also hangs on

my feeling is that this is some sort of timing dependent race in
konqueror/kde/qt that is exposed when a different scheduler is put in.

If it disappears with CFS-v24.1 it is probably just because the timings
will change again. Would be nice to debug this on the konqueror side and
analyze why it fails and how. You can probably tune the timings by
enabling SCHED_DEBUG and tweaking /proc/sys/kernel/*sched* values - in
particular sched_latency and the granularity settings. Setting wakeup
granularity to 0 might be one of the things that could make a

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