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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: make nx_enabled conditional on CONFIG_X86_PAE

    * Harvey Harrison <> wrote:

    > nx_enabled can only be set to non-zero when CONFIG_X86_PAE is set.
    > The only use not currently inside a CONFIG_X86_PAE block is the
    > definition, the declaration and a conditional unlikely test in
    > fault_32.c (is_prefetch).
    > When !CONFIG_X86_PAE, is_prefetch always returns 0 immediately as
    > nx_enabled is always 0.
    > When CONFIG_X86_PAE, the test is preserved, but the test against the
    > cpu model and stepping is deleted, this may not be correct.

    thanks, applied.

    > Ingo, further to your nx vs !nx comment, had this lying around, needs
    > testing, only affects the CONFIG_X86_PAE case.

    will keep an eye on it.

    How far away are you from unifying fault_32.c and fault_64.c? You
    already managed to line up their sizes:

    $ wc -l arch/x86/mm/fault_*.c
    742 arch/x86/mm/fault_32.c
    734 arch/x86/mm/fault_64.c


    and the raw diff between them doesnt look that bad either:

    1 file changed, 127 insertions(+), 135 deletions(-)

    so we might as well take a shot at that?


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