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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: fix unconditional arch/x86/kernel/pcspeaker.c?compiling

    * Matt Mackall <> wrote:

    > > btw., are there any pending arch/x86 bits in -tiny? (stupid
    > > question: were can i get the most uptodate version of -tiny from?)
    > It's not a stupid question. I dropped updating the tree regulary some
    > time ago to focus on merging bits and then got a bit side-tracked by
    > this little thing called "version control".
    > Michael is attempting to get the tree started again and has put a
    > quilt up here:

    cool! A few comments about the patches that affect arch/x86:


    +#ifdef CONFIG_DMI_SCAN

    put that #ifdef into the include file and make it an inlined NOP in the
    !DMI_SCAN case. That de-#ifdef-ifies the .c files.

    cpu-support.patch: ditto.

    mtrr.patch: ditto.

    inflate-error.patch: please use:

    quilt refresh --diffstat --sort --no-timestamps -p 1

    when generating patches, to make them reviewable, uniform and

    no-doublefault.patch: looks ok. Please add proper metadata and submit to

    sbf.patch: looks ok.



    hide these #ifdefs in the include file. (as it already does) Looks ok

    threadinfo-ool.patch: doesnt this break the scheduler? Had something
    like this in -rt, i turned 'current' into a const actually, but had
    trouble with keeping from gcc to do the right thing in sched.c. I guess
    we could live with current_non_const() that gets it from assembly. (and
    hence gcc wont be able to optimize it away in the middle of the
    context-switch) But when done properly, this is both a nice, measurable
    speedup on UP, and a nice space-saver.

    tiny-cflags.patch: obsolete? Isnt CFLAGS already extendable? Question to
    Sam i guess.

    tsc.patch: look ok. needs x86.git porting.


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