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SubjectRe: 2.6.24-rc7-rt2

On Wed, 16 Jan 2008, Steven Rostedt wrote:

> On Wed, 16 Jan 2008, Steven Rostedt wrote:
>> We modified mcount now, and it is derived from an objdump of glibc. So
>> this is most definitely a "derived" work from glibc. But glibc is licensed
>> as LGPL, which IIRC allows for non GPL to link to it.
>> I personally could care less if we use EXPORT_SYMBOL or EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL.
>> But I really want to do The Right Thing(tm). I'm not a lawyer and don't
>> claim that I know anything about the law, but I'm leaning towards the non
>> _GPL version because the code was from LGPL and not from strict GPL.
> Sorry folks, I'm going to stick with the _GPL version. It doesn't mean
> that you can't still load your nVidia module into -rt. I just means you
> can't turn on function trace and then load it. Well, you might if you
> don't compile the nVidia wrapper against it with function trace on.
> The reason simply is to cover my butt. By limiting it to GPL, I'm fine.
> Even if the original author didn't care. But by opening it up to external
> prorietary modules, I may be considered infringing on the license.
> So, unless I hear from a lawyer that is willing to back me up on a non
> _GPL export publically, the mcount function will stay as an
> Note: There is a definite reason for this change. The previous version
> of mcount was written by Ingo Molnar, and he added the export. I've
> changed mcount to be closer to the glibc code (which I derived it from),
> so the change in EXPORT type is legitimate.
> -- Steve

Please, tell what in the license forbids me to make a global replacement
EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL -> EXPORT_SYMBOL and distribute the result?

For me, on the other hand, it is against the spirit of free software to
actively make a block for people to do what ever they want with the code
when they are only doing it to themselves. That includes loading non-GPL
software into the kernel. The only thing they are not allowed to do is to
distribute it and in that way "hurt" other people.


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