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SubjectRe: The perfect patch - Posting a patch series (was Re: [PATCH 06/12] pci : Use mutex instead of semaphore in driver core)

On Jan 2 2008 12:14, Stefan Richter wrote:
>There is nothing wrong with a 0/n posting per se. But whenever you
>write a 0/n posting, ask yourself:
> - Isn't the information I provide here necessary to keep around by
> somebody who takes my patch series into his quilt series or into his
> source repository?
> - Couldn't the information here be useful at a later point in time
> when people look into the mainline Linux history?
>If "yes" or "maybe yes", then add this information to the changelogs in
>the patches. You can then leave the 0/n posting as is, or make it
>briefer, or omit it entirely.

Please emit a [0/n] and the [m/n] as a reply so that threading-aware
mail readers can collapse and/or use delete-thread-at-a-time feature.
If there is no info in [0/n], let it be empty or a one,two-liner brief

>It is never necessary to post a 0/n message, because _everything_ which
>could be said in this message can also be said in the i/n messages.
>(Things which are not meant for the SCM changelog can be written after a
>"---" delimiter line or other patch delimiters.) However, it is
>sometimes convenient to repeat or summarize some of the information from
>the i/n messages in a 0/n message. Think about convenience of the
>_recipients_ though, not about the sender's convenience.

And [0/n] sometimes contain a diffstat which gives an approximate
line count of how big the patchset actually is.

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