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    SubjectRe: SLUB: Increasing partial pages
    On Wed, 16 Jan 2008, Matthew Wilcox wrote:

    > I sent you a mail on December 6th ... here are the contents of that
    > mail:

    Dec 6th? I was on vacation then and it seems that I was unable to
    reproduce the oopses. Can I get some backtraces or other information
    that would allow me to diagnose the problem?

    > Applying just patches 1-7 and 9 leads to a slight (0.34%) performance
    > reduction compared to slub. That is 6.45% versus slab, reduces to 6.79%
    > with the 8 patches applied.

    Patch 8 is the one that optimizes the fastpath. How much runtime
    variability have these tests?

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