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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/26] Permit filesystem local caching
Kyle Moffett <> wrote:

> One vaguely related question: Is there presently any way to adjust the
> per-user max-key-data limit?

There's no reason there can't be. It just needs a policy deciding. Do we

(1) One control for all.

(2) One control for all non-root users; no quotas on root.

(3) One control for root, one control for all non-root users.

(3) Separate controls for all users.

Should this be a ulimit? Should a non-root user be able to adjust their own
quotas within limits set by root?

How should the quota be accessed? The obvious way is to have /proc or /sys

Non-root quotas tend to be transitory. When the user_struct pinning them goes
out of scope, they tend to disappear. How do we recover the settings, if at


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