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SubjectRe: Fwd: Re: [2.6.24 patch] restore ARMv6 OProfile support
* Linus Torvalds ( wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Jan 2008, Mathieu Desnoyers wrote:
> >
> > Well, it goes along the lines of the patch I suggested as a reply to
> > Adrian, with these differences :
> >
> > - I still source the kernel/Kconfig.instrumentation file.
> > - I put back the missing OPROFILE options directly in arch/arm/Kconfig
> >
> > Then end result is the same as your patch, but without the code
> > duplication.
> No it's not.
> Now the config variables may all be there, but the UI for the *menu*
> system is broken (ie all the ARM profiling config options are now outside
> the profiling menu).
> Is that menu really needed? I dunno. But since it exists, it should be
> correct.
> Linus

There is an "instrumentation menu removal" patchset I've submitted to
Andrew for the next release cycle that moves the instrumentation menu
content into General setup (I did this following your advice).

Furthermore, on ARM, the OPROFILE_ARMV6, OPROFILE_MPCORE and
OPROFILE_ARM11_CORE are all "bool , default y" (equivalent to the
preferred def_bool y). Unless I am grossly mistaken, this is not
supposed to show up in the menus; it's just selected when the
dependencies are met.


Mathieu Desnoyers
Computer Engineering Ph.D. Student, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
OpenPGP key fingerprint: 8CD5 52C3 8E3C 4140 715F BA06 3F25 A8FE 3BAE 9A68

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