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SubjectRe: sky2 patch in 2.6.24-rc7-git6 breaks POST - commit 84cd2dfb04d23a961c5f537baa243fa54d0987ac
On Tue, 15 Jan 2008 13:01:47 +0200
"Ioan Ionita" <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have an Asus Commando motherboard, p965 chipset with Marvell
> 88E8056 and 88E8001 gigabit lan onboard. skge and sky2 are compiled
> in.
> When booting linux-2.6.24-rc7-git6, everything seemed fine, but when
> attempting to reboot, the machine would freeze on POST, right before
> detecting AHCI drives.
> In order to get it to POST, a reset or shutdown from the power button
> is not enough, I actually have to cut power to the motherboard using
> the PSU's power switch!
> I first thought that the BIOS or CMOS may have gotten corrupted, but
> eventually I fund that linux was the culprit. After a git bisect, I
> found the bad commit below

Is Wake On Lan enabled in the BIOS?

Stephen Hemminger <>

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