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SubjectRe: [Patch v2] Make PCI extended config space (MMCONFIG) a driver opt-in
I just thought this might be interesting to the discussion.

I recently bought another 2 GB memory for my computer.
My hardware is as following:

Asus Commando (Intel P965 chipset)
Intel Core2 Q6600
4x1 GB Geil PC6400 memory
nVidia 8800 gts (old g80 core, 640 mb mem)

Without booting with pci=nommeconf i have severe stability issues and
often when its not crashing i get slowdowns with the error:

kern.log:Jan 15 13:19:40 bilbo kernel: [ 132.046715] NVRM: Xid
(0001:00): 6, PE0001
... repeated x times.

In addition the nVidia framebuffer seems to "leak" or not update since
i get loads of graphics artifacts.

The system works perfectly fine with 2 GB memory and not the
It works like a charm when using pci=nommconf and 4 GB memory.

In adition i have to enable the Northbridge->PCI Memory remap feature
in the BIOS to avoid the kernel panicing when trying to access > 3 gb
but that is understandable :)

My software is Kubuntu 7.10 stock x86_64 kernel, but i do use the
binary driver by nVidia.

It works like a charm when using pci=nommconf

If you guys need any more info about hardware/software from me, please
let me know.

Øyvind Vågen Jægtnes
+47 96 22 03 08

(i reject your diurnal rhythm and subsitute my own)
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