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SubjectRe: 2.6.24-rc7, intel audio: alsa doesn't say a beep
Dear Takashi-san,

Takashi Iwai wrote:
> The "regression" was your original problem, no sound on rc7, which was
> fixed by reverting the patch. Now I'd like to know that my new patch
> doesn't break after reverting the broken patch.

Seems that there was some misunderstanding: I thought your patch
for sigmatel.c was supposed to fix the "missing sound" problem,

> In short, try my patch on the latest Linus git tree. Check whether
> the sound still works.

It does.

rc7 plus the big "clean-up" patch for sigmatel.c plus hda_intel.c
taken from rc6 worked, too. Seems that I missed to mention it in a
previous EMail.

> It's simply a delay. Basically Ingo's patch changed msleep() to
> udelay() to reduce *unneeded* delays. The function waits until the
> all pending commands are processed. The delay is simply to reduce the
> system load. And, now, changing this delay causes a problem
> surprisingly.

I am glad to help, but could you please do me a favour? If I am
supposed to try some new version, then please create a complete(!)
patch using rc7 on as the base, and send it as an
attachment using a unique filename. Very likely you have a much
better overview about the most recent kernel changes, but some
statements like "new patch" or "Ingo's patch" don't mean very much
to me. The "reverted" patch is a new patch, too, and AFAIK Ingo
reverted it, so maybe you can imagine that this is highly confusing.

>> AFAICS I did use the mm branch. The command to grab the sources was
>> git-clone git:// mm
>> Is this correct?
> No. You'd better to clone Linus git tree, then pull from alsa.git mm
> branch.
> % git-clone $LINUS/linux-2.6.git
> % cd linux-2.6
> % git-pull $ALSA/alsa.git mm

AFAICS there shouldn't be a difference to my one-liner, unless Linus'
and Alsa's git trees are out of sync. Is this correct? Sorry, I am
more familiar with ClearCase and Accurev than with Git.



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