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SubjectRe: [RFC, PATCH, take 2] watchdog on generic gpio
On Monday 14 January 2008, Florian Fainelli wrote:
> Le lundi 14 janvier 2008, Marc Pignat a écrit :
> > Hi Florian!
> > I understand your wish, but...
> > You told me that your plaform doesn't implement the generic gpio interface
> > (yet?), so this driver can't work for you.
> You understood me wrong, I told you that not all platforms, actually only
> AVR32 and ARM seem to make use of David Brownell's gpiolib, but the MIPS
> board I am working with supports the "old" generic GPIO API which required
> you to define your own wrappers for gpio_set/get_value and such. For both
> implementations the config symbol is GENERIC_GPIO, which can somehow be
> confusing.
The gpiolib isn't merged yet and it's purpose it to let use any gpio in the
system independently of how they are connected (directly, or through spi, ...).
So I don't use it!

> I use only one gpio bit as well, only the keepalive function should be
> changed. And even if we need the other ones to be changed, let's assume we
> can pass the necessary callback to the platform driver, and checking wether
> they are defined and call them or not is just trivial. This will not bloat
> the driver.
Okay, so what do you do with this single pin?

> Yes, I understand, but having a max823-centric driver does not make it as
> general as it could be.
Sure. Another solution is to make add a .type in the gpio_wdt struct to choose
which function to use for keepalive -> support for more chips in the driver

> >
> > Let me know if you want some help implementing your driver!
> It already exists and his merged as mtx1_wdt, I just want to get rid of it if
> any generic gpio wathchdog driver can fit my needs and others.
I just had a look at it. It has additionnal restrictions like 'It should not
be triggered more often than 1.6 seconds', ..., and works with a timer, it
is really very differrent of what I'm doing...

Can you please tell me what is connected to this gpio?

> As a general comments, Wim did not answer yet, I would like to hear from him.
Me too :)


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