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    SubjectRe: [RFD] Incremental fsck
    > What are ext3 expectations of disk (is there doc somewhere)? For
    > example... if disk does not lie, but powerfail during write damages
    > the sector -- is ext3 still going to work properly?

    Nope. However the few disks that did this rapidly got firmware updates
    because there are other OS's that can't cope.

    > If disk does not lie, but powerfail during write may cause random
    > numbers to be returned on read -- can fsck handle that?

    most of the time. and fsck knows about writing sectors to remove read
    errors in metadata blocks.

    > What abou disk that kills 5 sectors around sector being written during
    > powerfail; can ext3 survive that?

    generally. Note btw that for added fun there is nothing that guarantees
    the blocks around a block on the media are sequentially numbered. The
    usually are but you never know.


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