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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/5] USB Kconfig: Reorganize USB Kconfig Menu
Greg KH wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 12, 2008 at 01:20:46PM +0300, Al Boldi wrote:
>> Greg KH wrote:
>>> On Sat, Jan 05, 2008 at 06:40:38PM +0300, Al Boldi wrote:
>>>> Reorganize USB Kconfig Menu, and move USB_GADGET out into the Device
>>>> Driver Menu. ?This helps the USB Kconfig Menu to be more logical/usable.
>>>> Patchset against 2.6.23
>>> So what was the final verdict in this patch set?
>> IMHO, it's a lot better than what we have right now, and it's split up so
>> that you can pick and choose what you think is useful.
>>> Can you rsend this against 2.6.24-rc7 with the requested changes (if
>>> any) in it?
>> The only critical change is in patch 2/5:
>> menuconfig USB_STORAGE
>> tristate "USB Mass Storage support"
>> - depends on USB && SCSI
>> + depends on USB && BLOCK
>> + select SCSI
>> I was hoping you could take care of it, or maybe wait until 2.6.25 is out.
> Well, if you want such a change to go into 2.6.25, I need the patches
> now :)
> So, can you respin these against 2.6.24-rc7, with the above fix, so that
> I can apply them and test them out?

May I repeat my request that nobody does "select SCSI", please?

Al Boldy, would you please explain like I asked you:
- what is wrong with the current solution which tells the user to
first enable SCSI to get the USB_STORAGE option,
- whether there are frequent end-user requests which demonstrate
that many people currently don't realize how to enable USB_STORAGE.

Please use "select" carefully, particularly *only* for options which
enable simple compact library-like code which
- is small,
- doesn't itself depend on anything,
- doesn't has further configuration options in some other menu.
None of this applies to CONFIG_SCSI.
Stefan Richter
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