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SubjectRe: [PATCH: 2/2] [SERIAL] avoid stalling suspend if serial port won't drain

Alan Cox wrote:
>>> Is printk() enough for 'we've just lost your data' condition? Maybe we
>>> should abort suspend if we can't drain fifo?
>> No way. Think about this from a users' perspective. No one wants suspend
>> to ram or hibernate functionality that works sometimes and not others.
>> They want it to work reliably so they don't have to worry about their
>> laptop overheating while they're getting on the bus or airplane.
>> Aborting isn't an option.
> Dumb question on the printk however - what if the port that is sticking
> is the console - don't we recurse and die ?

I don't know, but I'd argue that we shouldn't die. Things should be as
robust as possible.



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