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SubjectRe: [PATCH 002 of 6] md: Fix use-after-free bug when dropping an rdev from an md array.
On Mon, Jan 14, 2008 at 12:45:31PM +1100, NeilBrown wrote:
> Due to possible deadlock issues we need to use a schedule work to
> kobject_del an 'rdev' object from a different thread.
> A recent change means that kobject_add no longer gets a refernce, and
> kobject_del doesn't put a reference. Consequently, we need to
> explicitly hold a reference to ensure that the last reference isn't
> dropped before the scheduled work get a chance to call kobject_del.
> Also, rename delayed_delete to md_delayed_delete to that it is more
> obvious in a stack trace which code is to blame.

I don't know... You still get kobject_del() and export_rdev()
in unpredictable order; sure, it won't be freed under you, but...

What is that deadlock problem, anyway? I don't see anything that
would look like an obvious candidate in the stuff you are delaying...

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