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Subject[PATCH 000 of 6] md: various fixes for md
Following are 6 patches for md which are suitable for 2.6.25-rc1.

The first fixes a bug which could make it a candidate for 24-final.
However it is a deadlock that seems to occur very rarely, and has been
in mainline since 2.6.22. So letting it into one more release
shouldn't be a big problem. While the fix is fairly simple, it could
have some unexpected consequences, so I'd rather go for the next cycle.

The second patch fixes a bug which only affect -mm at the moment but
will probably affect 2.6.25 unless fixed.

The rest are cleanups with no functional change (I hope).


[PATCH 001 of 6] md: Fix an occasional deadlock in raid5
[PATCH 002 of 6] md: Fix use-after-free bug when dropping an rdev from an md array.
[PATCH 003 of 6] md: Change a few 'int' to 'size_t' in md
[PATCH 004 of 6] md: Change INTERATE_MDDEV to for_each_mddev
[PATCH 005 of 6] md: Change ITERATE_RDEV to rdev_for_each
[PATCH 006 of 6] md: Change ITERATE_RDEV_GENERIC to rdev_for_each_list, and remove ITERATE_RDEV_PENDING.

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