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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Default keyboard LEDs

On Jan 14 2008 00:52, Samuel Thibault wrote:
>In many cases, one prefers to have e.g. the NumLock on by default. In
>many cases, one doesn't want to have it by default, e.g. on laptops.
>Distributions actually have a very hard time trying to set this
>correctly after the kernel boot, and that doesn't work for new consoles
>that are created via the openvt(1) command anyway. This hence adds a
>keyboard.default_leds boot parameter that permits to configure the
>default keyboard LEDs.

Apart from openvt being able to find the first unused tty,
what is openvt good for? (Read: I could just as well run
`bash </dev/tty8 >/dev/tty8 2>/dev/tty8`)

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