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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Only print SCSI data direction warning once for a command
On Wed, 2008-01-02 at 07:03 +0100, Andi Kleen wrote:
> When I use cdparanoia my logs get spammed a lot by
> printk: 464 messages suppressed.
> sg_write: data in/out 30576/30576 bytes for SCSI command 0xbe--guessing data in;
> program cdparanoia not setting count and/or reply_len properly
> printk: 1078 messages suppressed.
> and many more of those. With this patch the message is only printed once
> for a command in a row.

My reaction is that the intent of these warnings is to try to get people
to fix broken applications, so I'm not sure any action is appropriate;
however, it's Doug's driver, so I'll defer to him.

Even if he does say yes, though, your patch looks wrong. It's still
going to spew the

printk: 1078 messages suppressed.

to the log because they come from printk_ratelimit(). So all you've
done is halved the volume of flow to the logs and left a dangling printk
suppressed message that keeps spewing, so I don't think the patch even
does what you describe it as doing ... if you reverse the order of the
operands in the if() it will ...


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