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SubjectRe: sata_nv does not function in kernel >
> Error -16 is EBUSY, which causes the driver load to fail due to the 
> "Unable to reserve mem region" message.
> This means that the sata_nv driver needed to use PCI BAR 6, but was
> unable to for some reason. Given that sata_nv uses devres like other
> libata drivers, IMO the likely cause is outside the ATA subsystem (PCI?
> ACPI?).

Actually it looks to me like there is something very odd going on here.
The sata_nv code checks each of the 6 resources exists (wrongly - it does
it before pcim_enable_device so the check is probably not valid). That
would report -ENODEV.

EBUSY implies all 6 resources were assigned but one couldn't be mapped.

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