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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 13/22 -v2] handle accurate time keeping over long delays

On Thu, 2008-01-10 at 11:54 -0800, Tony Luck wrote:
> > Tony: ia64 also needs something like this, but I found the fsyscall asm
> > bits a little difficult to grasp. So I'll need some assistance on how to
> > include the accumulated cycles into the final calculation.
> I'm trying to figure out all the ramifications of the new
> "cycle_accumulated" field. Does it really need to be
> propagated all the way to the low level assembler (which
> I don't want to mess with unless I really, really have to).
> Can't I do the necessary calculations in update_vsyscall()
> [Where I can do them in C :-)] and keep the same low
> level assembly code. I think I must be missing some
> important bit of what is going on here.

(Added Bob Picco to the mail, as he was involved in the ia64 clocksource

So the background on the patch is this:

Some clocksources wrap frequently (every few seconds, for example). This
can cause issues if we defer the update_wall_time() function where we
accumulate time for too long (this really only happens on -rt systems
right now).

To avoid that issue, we've added the cycle_accumulated value, which acts
as a midpoint, where we can quickly accumulate cycles off of the
counter, without doing the more expensive update_wall_time() function.
This avoids issues with the clocksource wrapping, but requires that
cycle_accumulated be added in to the gettiemofday() calculation.

If you noticed in my email, the fix for ppc was a bit easier, as it has
only a 64bit counter that is quite unlikely to wrap twice between calls
to update_wall_time(). There we could decrement the cycles_last value by
cycles_accumulated and get the same effect of adding it in.

Unfortunately on ia64, I suspect it will be necessary to do similar to
the x86_64 code and add in the cycles accumulated value in
vgettime/fgettime function, since there is the possibility of quickly
wrapping clocksources on that architecture.

So unless someone can point out a nicer trick, it likely means adding a
new cycles_accumulated value to the fsyscall structure and the asm to do
the addition. :(


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