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    SubjectFreezing filesystems (Was Re: What's in store for 2008 for TuxOnIce?)

    Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
    > On Tuesday, 1 of January 2008, Nigel Cunningham wrote:
    >> Hi all.
    > Hi Nigel,

    Gidday :)

    >> With the start of a new year, I suppose it's a good time to think about
    >> what I'd like to do with TuxOnIce this year and see what feedback I get.
    >> First up, I'm thinking about closing the mailing lists and asking people
    >> to use LKML instead for reporting issues and so on. I'm thinking about
    >> this because it will help with allowing people who work on mainline to
    >> see how stable (or otherwise!) TuxOnIce is now. It should also help when
    >> (as often happens) bug reports aren't actually issues with the patch,
    >> but with vanilla (ie drivers).
    > I would also like the TuxOnIce issues related to drivers, ACPI, etc. to go to
    > one of the kernel-related lists, but I think linux-pm may be better for that
    > due to the much lower traffic.

    I guess that makes sense. I guess people can always be referred to LKML
    for the issues where the appropriate person isn't on linux-pm.

    >> Perhaps it will also help with whatever effort I find time to make towards
    >> convincing Andrew that it really does have significant advantages over
    >> [u]swsusp and kexec based hibernation.
    >> Secondly, I'm planning on moving the website soonish. It's taken longer
    >> than I planned because it will be sharing with another server I'm
    >> maintaining, and it has taken longer than expected to find good hosting
    >> for the other server (which was done first). Now that I'm happy with the
    >> other server's state, I'm hoping to start shifting
    >> soon.
    >> For those who might be looking for hosting themselves, I'm using
    >> slicehost. I initially tried GoDaddy, but had terrible service, problems
    >> with draconian limits on the volume of outgoing email (1000/day by
    >> default - useless if you're doing mailing lists) and unexpected,
    >> unexplained delays in mail delivery through the SMTP delay they force
    >> you to use. Slicehost, on the other hand, are terrific to deal with in
    >> everyway. If you sign up with them because of this email, please
    >> consider putting my email (nigel at as the referrer - I
    >> then get a discount on the cost of the hosting.
    >> Third, regarding the patch itself, I'm taking my time in working towards
    >> the 3.0 release. We don't have any major bugs with 3.0-rc3 reported, but
    >> I have some things I want to complete before the final release:
    >> * see it well tested;
    >> * get a finished initial version of the cluster support;
    >> * finish completing support for the new resume-from-other kernels
    >> functionality that Rafael has added in 2.6.24. (We can resume from the
    >> same kernel at the moment, but I need to convince myself that nosave
    >> data is properly handled).
    > Have you finished the support for freezing filesystems before freezing tasks
    > that we talked about some time ago?

    Hmm. I've had too many things going through my little brain since then.
    What I currently have is support for freezing fuse filesystems
    separately. It looks like:

    int freeze_processes(void)
    int error;

    printk("Stopping fuse filesystems.\n");
    printk("Freezing user space processes ... ");
    error = try_to_freeze_tasks(FREEZER_USER_SPACE);
    if (error)
    goto Exit;

    printk("Stopping normal filesystems.\n");
    freezer_state = FREEZER_USERSPACE_FROZEN;
    printk("Freezing remaining freezable tasks ... ");
    error = try_to_freeze_tasks(FREEZER_KERNEL_THREADS);
    if (error)
    goto Exit;
    freezer_state = FREEZER_FULLY_ON;
    return error;

    (I'm not yet worrying about ext3 on fuse or such like, but it shouldn't
    be hard to extend the model to do that).


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