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    SubjectRe: SATA kernel-buffered read VERY slow (not raid, Promise TX300 card);

    >>>> I wanted to use the newer pata support in the SATA lib, but
    >>>> got frustrated "real fast" by the lack of disk-parameter support
    >>>> in the new pata library (hdparm is mostly broken; and the SCSI
    >>>> utils aren't really intended for ATA(or SATA?) disks using the
    >>>> SCSI interface.

    Most hdparm flags work perfectly fine with libata,
    unless perhaps you're using Fedora, which for some odd
    reason was using a 2+ year old copy of hdparm until
    very very recently.

    As others noted, the only things not working are things that
    libata itself chooses not to allow from userspace because libata
    has better low-level drivers that can set those things automatically
    in a more reliable fashion than we ever could with drivers/ide:
    DMA, 32-bit I/O, PIO/DMA xfer rates, hotplug stuff.

    The rest, including acoustic and power-saving parameters,
    work just fine with libata.


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