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SubjectRe: video4linux, bttv, vbi and missing lines in teletext...
Manuel Reimer wrote:
> Today I'll visit someone, who has a Windows PC. I've already removed the
> bt878 card from my PC. I'll try at his PC, if I get the same problem
> with the original driver and TV watching software. If this works, I'll
> boot Knoppix from his PC to get sure, that I also get the same problems
> on his PC with his video source. I'll tell you about the results of my
> test.

I tried my card on the windows PC, but we wasn't able to install the
original driver, as it is outdated and didn't install on Windows XP. So
we used:

Using this driver, I had exactly the same problem, I also have on Linux.
I was able to get a second card, which is the same model, I have. I
tried the second one, too and also have the missing lines with the
second card.

Now I don't know, if this is a driver problem, or if this model of bt878
card is just cheap shit.



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