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SubjectRe: [patch] enable userspace cpu core voltage control with acpi-cpufreq
On Sunday 02 September 2007 10:41, wrote:

> Hello,
> i want to make a patch known that provides a userspace interface to control the core voltage of a computer processor(s).
> Some notes about:
> =============================================================
> The current version patches acpi-cpufreq.
> An older version patched speedstep-centrino and also adds additional built-in frequency/voltage tables to the Linux kernel
> for some Pentium-M CPU models.
> This is particularly usefull for laptops with broken ACPI that can't use the speedstep-centrino cpufreq driver at all.
> Project located at:

Please point me to the unfixed bug reports against Linux/ACPI
that justify the existence of linux-phc and I promise to
do my best to fix them. If they do not exist today,
then please file them.

I believe that linux-phc is alarmingly dangerous code
and I'm willing to invest my time to make it unnecessary.

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