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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Add iSCSI iBFT support.
Konrad Rzeszutek wrote:
>>> +config ISCSI_IBFT
>>> + tristate "iSCSI Boot Firmware Table Attributes"
>>> + depends on X86
>> why only on X86?
> PowerPC exports this data via the OpenFirmware so it already shows in
> the /sysfs entries. I was thinking to combine those sysfs entries under this
> code, but that is something in the future.
> In regards to all other platforms, I figured I would only make it supported
> under platforms that have been tested. Is there anything that stops this from
> working for example of IA64? Well no. The hardware that supports the iBFT is
> either in the BIOS or in NICs - so the SGI or HP boxes _should_ work, however
> I am not comfortable to make it supported unless I've tested it.

It should, presumably, depend on ACPI, rather than on X86...?


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