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SubjectRe: Ethernet driver on 2.6.22
On Mon, 24 Sep 2007 08:52:36 +1000 hce wrote:

> Hi,
> I am upgrading from kernel 2.6.11 to 2.6.22 on ARM S3C2400A and found
> a following issue on 2.6.22.
> On 2.6.11, I selected CONFIG_ISA, CONFIG_NET_PCI and CONFIG_CS89X0 to
> build CS8900A Ethernet driver to kernel, it was running perfect.
> But on 2.6.22, I made the same configuration for CS8900A, the cs89x0.o
> could not be compiled in to the kernel (or as a module when I tried to
> CONFIG_CS89X0=m) unless I commented out depends statement in
> drivers/net/Kconfig. I double checked all three are CONFIG_ISA=y,
> CONFIG_NET_PCI=y and CONFIG_CS89X0=y. Any explanation please, was I
> missing something here?

I didn't look in 2.6.11 Kconfig files, but in 2.6.22, this driver is
limited to 3 specific boards:

config CS89x0
tristate "CS89x0 support"
depends on NET_PCI && (ISA || MACH_IXDP2351 || ARCH_IXDP2X01 || ARCH_PNX010X)

Does ARM S3C2400A qualify as any of those? (MACH_... or ARCH_...)

(latter: ARCH_PNX010X is not used anywhere else AFAICT)

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